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hand-made in nashville & aspen

eliminating social awkwardness one tea towel at a time.


Piecemeal was born on a tour bus. Yes, a tour bus. Ashlyne Huff was in the midst of a national tour as the opening act for New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys in 2011. The experience was incredible, but she missed home (Nashville). Like a lot.  Always a rather intense fan of the power of words, she decided to hand-make stationary and send cards to all her people back in Nashville. After ordering the cardstock and such, Ashlyne got to work on the name. Piecemeal means "as you go", which is the only way a life on the road can be lived. A life anywhere, really. She drew the word piecemeal on her legal pad over and over, took a primitive photo, and the logo came to be. 

Fast forward to 2017. There is way too much to go over now, but let's just say Ashlyne's life turned upside down. But the good news is she got back to Nashville! In the wake of some big changes and hard days, she felt the need to create something beautiful. In Piecemeal fashion, tea towels, aprons, and tote bags were added to the shoppe. But something was still missing. A person.

Ashlyne and Keatyn met in 2011 (funny enough), but it wasn't until a few years later that they discovered their mutual love for words. "They can save you", Keatyn says. "They saved me in one of the darkest times of my life." YUP. 

What Ash lacks, Keat has. It's always been that way, and now, they get to share it with everyone. This new wave of The Piecemeal Shoppe is all about bringing more fun into the little things, whether that be in your kitchen, on your table, while you're running errands, or sweating it out in the gym. Words can tear you down, sure. But at Piecemeal, we hope they will at least make you crack a smile.


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