I believe in connection. I believe that when you give a gift that says, “I get you”, you can strengthen at relationship instantly and in ways that time alone cannot.  (I also believe the opposite can set you back a little.)


I believe in conversation. I believe a pinch of sarcasm, a confession, and some humor can slice through awkwardness like a fun little blade.


I believe the gifts you give and pieces you decorate with and wear can do a lot of the hard work for you. And that can make your day easier and give you a chance to stop worrying about the first words out of your mouth. Second guessing is for the birds.


After years of second guessing my worth, my value, how much to say, tell, and think I created the Piecemeal Shoppe. Endless sayings and comments on the lives we lead, for the people we love. No, no one NEEDS a tea towel or an apron or tote bag, etc. But everyone needs to find connection, self-worth, and for the love of all things…to smile.





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